We make deliveries to the entire island.

Open everyday, from 8.30 am until 8 p.m., including holidays, you can trust us to a speedy delivery service throughout Madeira Island with our own delivery fleet.


Direct delivery to the receiver 

 The delivery will always be made in hand to the addressed receiver stated on the order receipt. Exceptions may apply to deliveries made to places that have a Reception Desk service, such as hospitals and hotels.


How soon can we deliver

  • If you would like to have a delivery made by morning, you should order it on the day before.
  • If you would like to have a delivery made by the afternoon, you should order it no later than noon of the same day.
  • With late ordering we may not guarantee an exact match of flowers and colours as depicted on the website. 


Any further information (either directions to a location, an additional phone number, or a specific order detail) should be made in the observations field entry while filling your orde". 


Free delivery over 25€ orders*

*If your order is equal or over 25€ you can count on a free delivery service if the order is to be delivered within the urban área of Funchal. (Additional information about deliveries to areas outside Funchal you should contact armazem@atulipa.com or call: +351 291 743 986)

Hotel delivery 

He deliver to hotels and we have specific flower choices dedicated to tourists needs. If you are in the hotel industry you can emails us for a table of items and prices at comercial@atulipa.com.