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    In gardening, our experience allows us to focus on different aspects and always satisfy all the needs that arise in different contexts.

    With regard to the construction of gardens in public areas, we are able to intervene both in small and larger areas that may require intensive modifications. We always try to find solutions to create a sustainable and public utility space.

    Regarding the construction of private gardens, in business areas or even hotels, it is possible to create a simple and lush space that does not require much maintenance, ideal for professional environments. in the same way, that we can create a complete space, with several species making it in a space of leisure and culture.

    Recently, we have walked towards an emerging gardening typology, which serves for small areas, as well as for balconies or apartment courtyards. In this typology, we look for gardening solutions for small and restricted spaces, without losing the benefits of a home garden.

    We take care of all necessary maintenance and repair, always having the capacity for larger projects, which may involve felling, tree transplantation or even the implementation of automatic irrigation systems in large garden areas.

    • Landscaping planning and execution
    • Construction and maintenance of gardens
    • Felling of trees, bushes and palm trees
    • Transplanting large trees
    • Tree plantation | Pruning | Weeding
    • Pruning with Climbing
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Grass Carpets
    • Hydro-sowing
    • Phytosanitary Treatments
    • Soil preparation and land fertilization
    • Soil renovation and pest control

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